Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 8- Hey, I'm Going Next Week

Sorry for the lame title, my brain's totally fried from the math and science home work we have....
Especially the Math, what is the range of  12,11,56,90,100,and13?!Then when I see the word range and start staring in space and BOOM I think of a Mountain Range.... Then, I remember I have to do the problem but then, BOOM I remember te saying:
                                     "Math,you're big now, go solve your own problems!"
I start laughing and my sisters' look at me and it starts to become

Anyways,I have started on the hat that I am testing and hopefully will be done before I leave...Because I want to crochet a pair of Fingerless Gloves in the airport and airplane....
Clock,I am really being upset with you...You need to work with Calendar faster,please?!
Thank You,

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 9- Clock, Please Be Faster, Pretty Please 8-)

Hello,bloggers.I am struggling to think what to put on here so decided to just post what I am actually doing at this very moment.I want to CROCHET!!!!!!!Why O why does this day need to be so lazy, and why O why does all this junk need to be thrown on you

Well anyways, I'll talk to you tomorrow,I have French,Math,Crochet to study today.
See Ya !

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 10- As I Promised......

Yellow!Here I am as I promised to try post here everyday.
A wonderful lady from Ravelry said that her "Rak" for me has been sent.She said that it should be here less than a week because when she sends stuff to the US, it takes about 1 week.I'll have to be tagging along Mom's back and ask her repeatedly if there was any notice about a package arriving.I do hope it arrives before I go or I'll have restless nights at Ph.
I was today hoping that I could hold my hooks and yarn and make the hat that I am testing for Ravelry,but I HAVE to get the pattern printed,I find it hard staying in Google Docs reading reading reading.....

Friday, February 25, 2011

11 Days More............

We are going on Vacation!!!!!!Unfortunately just for 3 weeks :(But hey,better than nothing :)I will finally meet my cousins that I have just met through  skype.Monica ,Zoey ,Kobe,and lots more.....Ugh annoying bug is,I'll have to be staying under the eerie shadows of the Yarn Monster's Lair.Good News is,all they're requesting are just hats,plus the only hard one is Alexa's because she is the oldest amongst all which means big head=more time...Maybe I'll make it while I'm still here and whip up the others on the trip,besides it will be  one day trip...
                    Comment down on What you think the following will turn up:

  • The stewardess' will be serving stuff and see me crocheting
  • Plane's landing I still crochet,it landed without me noticing,then at that point I had tangled yarn all over (Oh NO)
  • Eating+crochet=watching Airplane Movies=?
From now on,I'll have/try to have a countdown here on my blog until I am in Philippines.
Wish Me Luck,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gian,What's BEEN GOING ON?!

Sorry haven't been posting for a while...I have been crocheting some things for the swap I am in right now,my VERY first swap!,Can You Believe that?!Also another very surprising event that sure do makes me happy a lot is that soon we are going to Philippines for Vacation,March 9 sadly,just for 3 weeks...But still better than no vacation after 3 LONELY years,this has been my dream...LOL.....I also have received a couple raks,thank YOU,you know who you are :)..Just some updates to keep ya'll stuffed and fed.
Yours Truly,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Staying Up late...

Good Evening Ya'll... It has been long since I posted,sorry 'bout that :P.... I am now having high hopes of at least hail coming to us since this morning it has been stinging cold of 5 degrees celcius....I LOVE winter...Recenly, I have been working on NOTHING...But am planning to make a warm "Creature" for my very first Rav swap...Also am planning to make a mini amigurumi toy for Noah the son of my partner because he's sick,I think....I have got another RAK recently and have been enjoying it..I recieved my first two pairs of Tunisian CRochet Hooks but haven't worked on them yet...I am really amused with my blogs new name,hope you like it as well!