Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ohhhh LUCK!

Hello blog!What's up?!I have been through so many changes and adjustments and etc and etc....
[The following will be individual stories that happened to me]
"Dog Bite!!!!"
One  day house dog that doesn't like me got loose..Unc, chased him safely,stupid dog pulled Unc towards me and then almost bit me....I was so shocked,then after,he just slobbered mucus on me....I was so angry I farted JK
I just noticed I have exclamation marks all over,anyways......We were driving one day,going to church for my confirmation,until Boom,some sort of farming vehicle hit us (accidentally) on the back...Human nature made us ofcourse, come down and  check the damage (it was just minor) and made the person who hit us pay for the repair....Car is now almost finished....
"Tribal War!!!!!!!"
  Then last,definitely not the least,the biggest event, TRIBAL WAR!!!!A man was shot in the nearest cathedral from us,it was tribal war,as most people say,dad says to take much caution because some tribal wars include going around and shooting random people that hopefully won't be me....
                                         The End
Imma go ahead and turn off my browser,it is quite expensive.....
Nyt Fellas!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm left out:(Completely,my sisters' got to go the party I was hoping to go to since I was in KSA and missed it....Stupid surgery,but hey,I got some time to blog with YOU!I am humming like crazy,distracting myself from the excitement about the yarn,but am trying to resist because  I have learned so much on the "Don't Expect Rule" that was self taught by me.....But really,I will pray about the lady tonight....
                              Ilocos Norte has been very paranoid about Tsunami's lately.... Since Japan\s disaster....I have this really awkward feeling when I think about it,let  me tel you: We went to Pagudpud Blue Lagoon on that day the Tsunami  striked ,the water in the beach was really wild (but far from a tsunami)  we were just able to wade by the shore,even my uncs who were extremely good in  diving and swimming weren't able to go off far....We went home after being wet a bit and we knew nothing about the disaster in Japan until we turned on the TV...Then we all looked like "ahhhhh...that's why"
That's All For now,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am ALIVE!!!

Has anyone missed me?!There was a lot of adventure from Ksa to here,PH.We haven't even left Al Hada,there was already suspense,the woman who we are riding with in the bus lost her ear ring,and you know where she found it?!On Chris' lap,he was quite quiet about it even though he knew (He's 6)once we found out,we were all LOLing so loud we had to quiet down because a Muttawa is just next to the bus.....Then airport,then to Manila by my Aunts',then to Ilocos Norte.We just stayed there for a bit,but I was really about to subside without Rav and Blogger.....Someone read in the Yarn Storm Group,that I needed yarn and PMed me,I was really shocked because it was the first time someone offered me after a long time....Unfortunately, K.O.W. she sent it  at the time when I haven't internet access and from Ravelry,I saw her last post was from 2 days ago and am being such a K.O.W. guy that she might not go online again or maybe wouldn't be interested in sending me,K.O.W.!Please,if you are reading this, email me via Rav that you got my PMs  from Rav.This is such a great opportunity....
Anyways,I am here by our porch swatting every mosquito flying by,hoping that they don't come every second....Wi Fi here is quite strrong,me iz impressed..
I hope the Nice lady responds soon....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 1- Clock,don't tease me,please!

Pwease O Pwease wittiw kwock,don't tease me.....
As you may all know tomorrow's my journey to Ph, I'm all set,but I have to put my gizmos,gadgets, and crochet stuff on the hand carry still.....11:30 is when we leave Al Hada and head down town,Jeddah...Sorry for the rather spooky pic of those big eyed kitties....AwesomeEle,I got your package yesterday!!!!!Awesome TEA and biscuits,thank you VERY much.....I'm going to be updating as soon as I get reach of the computer....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 3- Alpaca Later

Good evening,or is it afternoon?!Well who cares....I recently got two brown cakes from Miss Jana,thank you if you are reading this....I finally decided what to do on the plane: ....Again, I am homealone with my sisters... The rest of the 3 days I have left,will be helping,packing stuff,and ofcourse,for myself....But I bet I could just bring my gadgets,widgets,and crochet...well ofcourse my other "Need" items will be brought,but only a few of "Want"....I hope,wish,and pray my swap package is here sooner!!!:(But since someone mentioned from Canada to the Aramex address of Miss Hunter (in NY) will take one week,meaning it will arrive there on the 8th,our flight :(
I don't know,only time will tell.....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 4- Sorry, skipped!

Hello bloggers! How are you all doing?!Me?!Oh, I'm glad you asked, I skipped yesterdays' vlog because I guess I didn't have time...I'm home alone tonight, the rest of the crew's out shopping,I dropped out because I guess staying here is better than just being a zombie vagabond of the Mall....I am sooooooooo curious if there's going to be RAK package tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow because time is running out!!!!! People from the "Hand Warmer Stitchmarker" Swap have been receiving their packages and I haven't :(Why do I need to be so far from the US,why?!??!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a tingly feeling this question has been here before?!?!?!I don't know,but anyway,Good Night!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 6- Weekend,ahhhhhh!!!

A little bit of homework, a little bit of crochet,and a little bit of TV and blogging makes everything feel better.....Haha,weekend.......All I do is Homework,Play,and etc etc...I hope weekend will be as fast I think it's going to be..I'm working on an applique for a bracelet, for zoey and finally borrowed a size E crochet hook from Ola.....
I'll update ya'll tomorrow,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 7- What Now?!

Just something to show you I have been here,sorry guys,I don't know what to write here...... ;)