Friday, January 7, 2011

"Fish Hugger Bottle Cozy" Pattern

                                                        Fish Hugger Bottle Cozy Pattern

  • Aran Weight Yarn
  • Size H Crochet Hook
  • Stitch Markers 
  • Tapestry Needles
  • Scraps of White & Black
Sc- Single Crochet
Hdc- Half Double Crochet
Ch- Chan
Hdc R- Half Double Crochet ribbing (You do a Half Double Crochet on the backpost to create a ribbing effect)
With your desired Aran weight yarn, Ch 2
Round 1: 6 sc in 2nd ch fr hook -6 sc
Round 2: 2 sc in each stitch around -12 sc
Round 3: 1 sc in 1st stitch 2 sc in 2nd st *around* - 18 sc
Round 4: 1 sc in the following 2 st and 2 sc in nxt st *around* - 24 sc
Round 5: 1 sc in the following 3 st and 2 in the nxt st *around* - 30 sc
Round 6: 1 sc in the following 4 st and 2 in the nxt st *around* - 36 sc
Round 7: 1 sc in the following 5 st and 2 in the nxt st *around* - 42 sc
Round 8: 1 sc in each st *around* - 42 sc
Note: My subject only took 8 rounds to cover the bottom, 
if the bottom of your subject isn't complete with 8 rounds,
continue increasing by doing 1 sc in the nxt 6 and 2 in nxt, then seven,etc...
Round 9: 1 Hdc *around* - 42 Hdc
Round 10-16:  Hdc R ribbing around - 42 Hdc
Round  17: Hdc R 18, ch 2 skip 4 Hdc and Hdc R 19 to finish round 16.
Round 18: Hdc R *around*,Hdc the ch as well.
Note: Now you have a ch space where later, you could weave in your back fin.
This is now a point where you can add more normal Hdc R's to create the "covering" of the subject.
I did until Round 28
Round 19-28: Hdc R's around.
Sl stitch nxt st finish off.Weave in Yarn Ends.
            Fins (make 2)
Ch 5
Row 1:  Hdc 2nd ch fr hook and *around* ch 2 turn -4 Hdc
Row 2: Hdc 2 in 1st st, hdc until lst st, hdc 2 in last st ch 2 turn  - 6 Hdc
Row 3: Hdc 2 first st, Hdc until lst st, 2 hddz in last st ch 2 turn - 8 Hdc
Finish off leaving a long tail.
             Eyes (make 2)
With Your Black, make a magic loop
Round 1: Hdc 8 in loop- 8 Hdc
Change to white
Round 2: 2 Hdc in all st - 16 Hdc
Round 3: Hdc 1 in the first st 2 Hdc in nxt *around*
Finsih off,weave in the tails.
                 Assembly ~The Fun Part~
For the fins and eyes, you can do a bunch of stuff rather than my pattern you could make shell stitches,bobbles, do as you wish and please post a picture and show me:)
With a long tail, weave in desired position and hide tail.
Do the same with the fins..and there's my first design!:)
                                                 Any Questions :)?!
 Feel free to message me in my  /WizardKnerdGian
And don't you forget to show me a picture of what YOU did :D :D If you want any pictures,check them in the "Gian's Design's" tab in my Rav profile!
Woolly Hugs,


SAIS Al Hada said...

I am SOO proud of you, Gian! It is fantastic that you are making your own designs! Keep up the great work!!