Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am ALIVE!!!

Has anyone missed me?!There was a lot of adventure from Ksa to here,PH.We haven't even left Al Hada,there was already suspense,the woman who we are riding with in the bus lost her ear ring,and you know where she found it?!On Chris' lap,he was quite quiet about it even though he knew (He's 6)once we found out,we were all LOLing so loud we had to quiet down because a Muttawa is just next to the bus.....Then airport,then to Manila by my Aunts',then to Ilocos Norte.We just stayed there for a bit,but I was really about to subside without Rav and Blogger.....Someone read in the Yarn Storm Group,that I needed yarn and PMed me,I was really shocked because it was the first time someone offered me after a long time....Unfortunately, K.O.W. she sent it  at the time when I haven't internet access and from Ravelry,I saw her last post was from 2 days ago and am being such a K.O.W. guy that she might not go online again or maybe wouldn't be interested in sending me,K.O.W.!Please,if you are reading this, email me via Rav that you got my PMs  from Rav.This is such a great opportunity....
Anyways,I am here by our porch swatting every mosquito flying by,hoping that they don't come every second....Wi Fi here is quite strrong,me iz impressed..
I hope the Nice lady responds soon....


Stitch 'n Frog said...

I know that was quite a trip for you all. At least it began with a good laugh~:o)

Hope you hear back from the lady with yarn. I know you've turned into a true Yarn-a-holic and would LOVE to add to your stash.

Happy Holiday!

GianCarlodeLoller said...

Hah,you betcha...Yes,I am staying here in my bedroom,thank god Wi Fi's working here....Anyway, that's the main reason I am staying up late,yarn is precious for me now.I am crossing my fingers and toes and hoping that the nice lady goes online and hopefully doesn\t think I am not interested....How are you lately?!:)