Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ohhhh LUCK!

Hello blog!What's up?!I have been through so many changes and adjustments and etc and etc....
[The following will be individual stories that happened to me]
"Dog Bite!!!!"
One  day house dog that doesn't like me got loose..Unc, chased him safely,stupid dog pulled Unc towards me and then almost bit me....I was so shocked,then after,he just slobbered mucus on me....I was so angry I farted JK
I just noticed I have exclamation marks all over,anyways......We were driving one day,going to church for my confirmation,until Boom,some sort of farming vehicle hit us (accidentally) on the back...Human nature made us ofcourse, come down and  check the damage (it was just minor) and made the person who hit us pay for the repair....Car is now almost finished....
"Tribal War!!!!!!!"
  Then last,definitely not the least,the biggest event, TRIBAL WAR!!!!A man was shot in the nearest cathedral from us,it was tribal war,as most people say,dad says to take much caution because some tribal wars include going around and shooting random people that hopefully won't be me....
                                         The End
Imma go ahead and turn off my browser,it is quite expensive.....
Nyt Fellas!